Multiple Hypothesis Testing: The average annual rates of lung cancer and patients’ races

1. Research Question

2. Overview

3. Dataset

4. EDA

Figure 1: The discrepancy between annual rates of different cancer incidents of 5 racial groups in interest
Figure 2: The geographic distribution of lung cancer rates among 5 racial groups in interest

5. Multiple Hypothesis Testing

  • H0: Ri = Rj , with i and i representing 2 different races
  • H1: Ri ≠ Rj
def obtain_pvals(m, var, n):
p_vals = np.array([])
for i in np.arange(5):
for j in np.arange(i+1, 5):
t = (m[i] — m[j]) / np.sqrt(var[i]/n[i] + var[j]/n[j])
df = n[i] + n[j] — 2
p = 2*(1 — stats.t.cdf(abs(t),df=df))
p_vals = np.append(p_vals,p)
p_vals = p_vals[~np. isnan(p_vals)]
return p_vals
p_values = obtain_pvals(race.AvgAnnualRates, race.VarAnnualRates, race.n)
  • With Bonferroni adjustment, I simply reject any hypothesis with
    P-value ≤ 0.05/10 = 0. 005.
def bonferroni(p_values, alpha = 0.05):
n = len(p_values)
decisions = p_values <= alpha/n
return decisions
bon = bonferroni(p_values)
  • On the other hand, to control FDR at level δ = 0.05, I will use the Benjamini-Hochberg Procedure as described below:
  1. Order the unadjusted p-values: p1 ≤ p2 ≤ … ≤ p10
  2. Then find the test with the highest rank j, for which:
def benjamini_hochberg(p_values, alpha = 0.05):
n = len(p_values)
sorted_p = np.sort(p_values)

max_k = max([k for k in range(n) if sorted_p[k]<=(k + 1)*(alpha/n)])
threshold = sorted_p[max_k]
decisions = p_values <= threshold
return decisions
bh = benjamini_hochberg(p_values)

6. Conclusion




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